Aims/priorities: Grants are made to organisations and individuals in need throughout the U.K. Organisations assisting disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities and older people may apply for grants towards capital expenditure.

Social workers may apply on the behalf of individuals who have a disability or mental health problem, or who are over 65, for grants to purchase basic furniture, equipment and clothing.

Who can apply: Organisation that may apply should be a registered charity in the U.K. whose primary objectives are to assist one or more of the following groups:

  • Disadvantaged/underprivileged young people (persons under 25)
  • People with disabilities (physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems)
  • Older people (aged over 60)

They do not respond to organisations who do not meet the above criteria.

Grant amount: They have 2 programmes for organisations:

Large grants: one off payments for capital expenditure of approximately £2,000 and over i.e. furniture and equipment; building/refurbishment projects. Please note that they do not fund running costs.

Small grants: Donations of up to £500 towards furnishings and equipment for small projects.

This programme is more suitable for smaller organisations. Amount of grant: the amount offered will usually depend on the number of applications received in relation to the funds available for distribution. You may therefore not receive the full amount requested.

Application process: Apply in writing using your organisation’s headed notepaper using the guidance available on the website.  Deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time and will be considered at the next appropriate Board meeting. Applications for small grants are considered monthly

Contact information: Tel: 020 8579 2829