Tiny Happy People

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Greater Manchester and BBC launch initiative to tackle pre-school language and communication gap

PARENTS and professionals working with pre-schoolers will now benefit from free digital resources to support children’s development – thanks to an initiative launched by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the BBC.  

Tiny Happy People is a brand new venture designed to tackle the pre-school language and communication gap in Greater Manchester.

Nearly 20 per cent of all children nationally and nearly 22 per cent of children in Greater Manchester arrive at school without the language and communication ability to thrive. In deprived areas, that figure doubles to almost 40 per cent across the UK

Tiny Happy People sees the BBC website providing a set of free online resources for parents in Greater Manchester to help develop young children’s language and communication skills in a bid to close this gap.

The work is part of the Greater Manchester School Readiness programme, which is funded by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, to improve outcomes for young children and their families.

The initiative is being launched for the first time in Greater Manchester this week, with plans for the programme to be rolled out nationally in 2020.

Comprising tips and advice, activities and short films about the science and facts behind language development, Tiny Happy People resources are easy to build into a daily routine and proven to deliver great results for parents and their young children.

They are designed to be quick and inspiring, and based on expert advice and evidence. You can find the resources here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people

courtesy of GMCA Article Published: 18/10/2019 16:26 PM