To all wigan council employees and partners


To all wigan council employees and partners:

The military are coming to Robin Park to undertake C19 testing for our staff and their families from Mon – Wed this week. Unfortunately the national portal, that we need to book on, has neglected to add Robin Park as a venue, so our staff, partners and their household can’t book the local test and I cant get it resolved until tomorrow morning.

Some people have seen the post and have contacted me directly, but I want us to be able to use at least some of tomorrow’s capacity so I need you help.

Can you push the message out through your social media networks that if staff (including our partners) are away from work because they or members of their families have symptoms the can book a test everyone in the house and they need to contact Lynne Calvert by email [email protected] or by text 07806407609 with the first name, last name car registration and mobile number and a list will be compiled by ourselves and people will be contacted  tomorrow morning with appointment times.

Any queries either text lynne direct or IM her.

This is a drive thru site. people cannot attend on foot or by taxi.