Transforming Places Through Heritage Programme – Project Development Grants


Aims/priorities: Grants are available to help fund development costs of projects that will create alternative uses for redundant or underused, community-owned historic buildings in town centres.

Projects must be located in England, in places that are or have the potential to be a hub for their community, providing services to a wide catchment population. They will typically include a variety of uses, including retail, and be recognised by local people as their town centre or high street.

This includes:

  • Distinct town centres and high streets within large cities
  • Rural settlements that are notable centres within a district, providing services for a wide hinterland that includes smaller villages. (Small village high streets will not qualify)

Eligible locations must already be the focus of a wider strategy or initiative – a place-based initiative – which aims to revitalise the high street or town centre and is likely to be led by the local authority, neighbourhood planning group or a community-led organisation, such as a civic society or community land trust. (This could include Future High Streets Fund, Heritage Action Zone or Neighbourhood Plan)

Who can apply? Applications are accepted from any of the following non-profit organisations:

Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs or SCIOs)

Charitable Companies Limited by Guarantee

Charitable Community Benefit Societies

Community Benefit Societies

Not-for-private-profit Companies Limited by Guarantee

Community Interest Companies (CICs) Limited by Guarantee


Parish and Town Councils

Grant amount: Grants of up to £1,000,000 are available for up to 90% of the cost of work involved. There is an overall limit of £150,000 on the total funding available for developing any one project. Organisations can only apply to one grant category at any one time but may apply for further grants on completion of the funded work (subject to the overall limit).

Application process: An online application form is available to complete on the website. Applicants can also submit an initial enquiry form if they would like to check their project will fit the scope of the programme’s funding or would like further advice. AHF strongly encourages applicants to discuss any potential application with the relevant Support Officer in their area before submitting an application.

Deadline: Grants of up to £15,000: by 5pm on the last day of each calendar month. Decisions will be communicated within eight week;

Grants of more than £15,000: 21 October 2019, 9am

Contact information: Tel: 020 7925 0199 Email: [email protected]