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The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established on the death of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965. It exists to provide sponsorship for a wide range of overseas research activities designed to make a difference to people and neighbourhoods here in the UK.

The grants awarded cover the cost of travelling around to one or more countries or continents for four to eight weeks, researching a topic of the candidate’s choice, the findings from which will directly benefit their profession or communities when they come back

Applications now open

No formal qualifications are necessary – all applicants need to demonstrate is that they are over 18, have the desire and motivation to improve lives, and a project in mind which will create a change for the better. This change can apply to a workplace or a region, be designed for practitioners or policy-makers and to impact at either a local or national level. All successful participants go on hold the title of ‘Churchill Fellow’ for life.

Fellowships are offered in the following categories:

  • artists and makers
  • education
  • emergency services
  • enterprise and social impact
  • environment
  • healthcare
  • migration
  • nursing
  • rural living
  • science
  • suicide prevention
  • Plus an there is an ‘open’ category for everything else

Applications are now invited for 2018 – the deadline 18 September 2018.

To start your application,