Trustee Learning Programme – Getting on Board


As trustees it’s easy to get stuck into the matter in hand (financial papers, new services, staff appointments, best biscuits for meetings etc) and we can lose sight of the board picture: how the manner in which we work as a board affects the decisions we take and therefore the impact we deliver. Some of this term’s sessions are brilliant for helping bring our focus back to this. Disagreeable Disagreements: best practice in decision making for trustees helps us as trustees have better governance and Beyond the Trustees Role Description are just two of the excellent sessions that delve into the inner workings of trusteeship.

We also have a fine slew of How To webinars including getting to grips with fundraising, trustee appraisals and responsible investment.

As always all our webinars are free to attend. This is important because it means our trustee learning is widely accessible. We’re indebted to our sponsors who help make this possible. However, as a charity, it costs us about £3 for a person to come to one of our sessions. Our sponsors mostly cover some of this, but not all, if you’re able to please consider donating to us.The easiest way is to choose ‘free ticket with donation’ when you reserve your space on a webinar. We thank you!

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