Tummy Mummy CIC – peer support group for mothers with children in Local Authority care


Tummy mummy CIC is developed from lived experience; we are a peer support group for mothers with children in Local Authority care. Specifically long-term care or SGO/adoption. The only prerequisite we have to gain support from us is that the child was removed from the mother’s care, by social services and the family courts this can include police protection removal too as ultimately, it will have been the family court that finalised the removal in the long term.

In December 2020 tummy mummy CIC was born. We are very new and are growing as we learn. We offer a safe non- judgemental space for mothers to express themselves freely.

We have weekly drop in sessions – a place to be yourself, with no judgement.

At tummy mummy CIC we understand first-hand the vast range of emotions mothers will be going through, we understand the feeling of not having anywhere to turn, the crushing isolation and exclusion from society through guilt and shame. We understand the complications that come with it such as substance and alcohol abuse, self neglect and confidence issues.

Through our groups and support work, we hope to help rebuild self-esteem and confidence, reduce social isolation and prepare our mothers to be able to fully participate in society again.

Email [email protected] for more information