Twelve areas in England, from Greater Manchester to Portsmouth to receive grant


£200m boost for zero emission buses and £1.6bn for EV charging 

This week has seen several major transport initiatives to help decarbonise journeys and cut air pollution.  

Nearly 1000 zero-emission buses will be funded across the country, thanks to a government investment of almost £200m. 

Twelve areas in England, from Greater Manchester to Portsmouth, will receive grants from the funding package to deliver electric or hydrogen powered buses, as well as charging or fuelling infrastructure, to their region. 

The scheme is predicted to remove over 57,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from the country’s air, as well as 22 tonnes of nitrogen oxides on average each year. 

£1.6bn has also been committed by the government to expand the UK electric vehicle (EV) charging network, with around 300,000 public chargers expected to be available by 2030. 

This commitment will see almost five times as many EV chargepoints on roads as the number of fuel pumps by 2030. 

These announcements come as the government faces increasing pressure to tackle air pollution, with many regions recording high levels of PM2.5 pollution last week. 

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