Two Local Rotary Clubs Host a Young Carers Day Out


There was no doubt in the minds of the Rotary Clubs of Wigan and Golborne Lightshaw that life during the pandemic would not  have been easy for all the young carers in the Wigan area, no clubs to go to, unable to see friends at school, and yet still being responsible for keeping things going at home.  It was therefore such a pleasure, but also a responsibility, to make sure the Club’s Young Carers Day would be as special as we could possibly make it. 

Once again the Clubs joined forces with the Healthy Lifestyle Team. The two Rotary Clubs know how much previous days out at Scotsman’s Flash have meant to these young people, who vary in age from  seven to thirteen, so there was no doubt in every ones’ mind that this 2021 event had to be even better.  A fun Day to remember!

The youngsters arrived at 12.30 and after a warm welcome received a lunch bag . Then they were split into two groups and the climbing wall and bush-craft were organised by the instructors up to 3 pm. The next hour saw the twilight session being set up by the instructors so we made sure that the youngsters had a hot snack of hotdogs and a hot drink and were occupied until the instructors were  ready!

All keyed up and ready for the final instalment, the youngsters were able to choose an activity on the Flash to enjoy the sailing which was undertaken with great enthusiasm.   Just before 5.30 when all good things had to come to an end, we finished on a high note of the campfire and the usual toasting of the marshmallows plus a hot chocolate drink to round off the event perfectly.  We feel sure everyone went home tired but so happy.  Thanks were given to the instructors as without their help this event could not go ahead.