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Today we release two papers that outline the challenges facing local governments as they begin to formulate their economic response to the Covid-19 crisis, the necessity to build back better and practical actions for local leaders as they move towards just recovery and profound reform.

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There can be no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic represents a profound shift in our economy and society – one that has caught the United Kingdom woefully under prepared. Throughout this time, local government has stepped up to the plate – demonstrating not only its capacity to respond to local needs but also the fundamental values that underpin its very existence.

The papers we present are about building on those foundations to construct an economic response – and in the process create local economies which are fairer, more secure and more humane than before. This will not be easy. We recognise the daunting task that faces our partners in local authorities and begin to sketch out a framework for action – taking in three phases of response, with suggested actions for local authorities across each phase. 

CLES’ work in developing this framework draws on the practice we have witnessed from our many partners in local, regional and national governments over the course of a decade of community wealth building in all four nations of the United Kingdom. 

We now stand ready and willing to support those at the front line of an era-defining rebuilding process.

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We hope you find them useful.

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