Tyldesley Heritage and Culture Events


Now the restrictions are relaxing we can start to work on some of the cultural and creative projects suggested by local residents at the start of lockdown.

Vicky Tyrrell is our heritage and culture lead for the next 2 years in the town and she’s keen to work with local groups to deliver some new events and activities.

If you’re a local person who fancies learning new and inspiring things about your area and sharing those in an artistic way, why not come along to our first meeting at

Hop & Hazlewood, 6:45 for 7pm, Wednesday 9th February

Refreshments provided

We have a range of exciting and inspirational cultural projects to explore in more detail on the 9th. Here are a few of the ideas suggested by the community, they want to see:

Carnival workshops and parade

Music & arts festival

Digital heritage trail

Heritage crafts

Book launch

Lantern festival

We can explore where your interests & skills might overlap with any volunteering opportunities, and if you have friends or family who are also up for some Tyldesley creativity, let us know and bring them along  

Please share and RSVP to v.tyrrell@fortyldesley.co.uk 

Or call Vicky on 07563650488 and leave a message.

Hope to see you there!

Ian Tomlinson