Up to £10,000 from Friends Provident Foundation

Friends Provident Foundation are offering up to £10,000 through their Small Grants Programme.

The programme aims to support those marginalised by the economy or economical changes to develop their ideas for a 4D economy.

We believe that a fair and sustainable economy should be characterised by 4D’s – an economy that is Diversified, Decarbonised, Democratised and Decentralised.

The biggest issues of our time are inextricably tied to the way our economy is structured. Our current economic system produces and reproduces inequality, environmental degradation and social stratification.
Over the past ten years, the gap between the richest in society and the rest of the population has widened, so that the richest 10% of households own 43% of Britain’s wealth; while the poorer half of the population own only 9%. These wealth inequalities are directly correlated with other marginalised characteristics – such as race, disability and gender.

This is a rolling programme so you can apply at any time.
Have a read and apply