Update about Care Homes & Carers Week


Care Homes COVID-19 Update (05-06-2020):

  • 34 care homes are reporting no residents currently symptomatic in the home or hospital (increase of 2 since last week). The 18 care homes currently affected today as follows:
  • 6 homes have symptomatic residents in the home and hospital
  • 10 homes have symptomatic residents in the home only
  • 2 homes have symptomatic residents in hospital only
  • 103 care home residents currently either symptomatic or diagnosed with Covid-19; 87 in care homes, 16 in an acute setting.
  • The reported death figure is 177.  *IMPORTANT: Care Home deaths figure – This has been provided by Care Home Managers to give us live situational awareness and is likely to include residents who have died in hospital (data already captured via national process) and residents on end of life pathways whose death was expected. This is part of the national challenge around the accurate capture of timely information from Care Homes. The is on average a week’s delay between date of death and death certification which provides a verified record, which needs to be triangulated with hospital data to ensure no double counting takes place. CQC are now recording this information direct from Care Homes and feeding this into the national analysis, with the expectation this will be available on a local level over time
  • Care Home Squads are currently deployed to Dean Wood Manor, Mahogany, St Georges and Golborne House

Supported Accommodation:

An update on new developments and the completion dates have been moved back to 9th July for Marigold Lodge and 30th July for Hyndelle Lodge. People in supported living are still in good spirits. There are currently no supported living properties with customers who are symptomatic, all properties have regular in-house activities and contact with family via social media/skype and telephone calls.

Respite services are currently closed until 15th June and regular reviews taking place, with staff currently re-deployed into properties. The team leaders are in regular contact with families to keep them updated and to do welfare checks. 48 staff have been redeployed into the service to provide continuity and stability for customers.

Day support & Shared Lives:

  • We are reviewing the No of requests coming in for day support relating to dementia services with a view to assess the need for a base to support social distancing and to support outreach. This may have an impact on staff currently redeployed and home care support may also be needed


  • IPads have been distributed to 26 care homes at present with the roll out continuing. This will support connecting residents with their families/ friends through video calling and messaging; supporting the ‘end of life’ pathway during Covid 19, where the current situation prevents family members and other visitors entering the home; supporting virtual meetings, webinars with the Council and their partners, such as Wigan and Leigh Hospice, Wigan CCG and GP virtual ward rounds and digital consultations with individual residents.
  • We are working with People First who are working with the People Powered Technology team to develop virtual circles of support for those people with learning disabilities and autism to support people who are struggling at this time. Helping to reduce anxieties and social isolation and ensuring people feel connected

Testing & Contact Tracing:

  • The increase of local testing can contribute to workforce reduction should more people be found to be covid-19 positive.
  • We are now moving into the next phase of testing and contact tracing. As we move into the next phase of response to the pandemic, we are establishing effective contact tracing in Greater Manchester and Wigan, as part of a National Contact Tracing Service (NCTS) – it is universally agreed that success relies on all three elements working in tune together. There is a three-part plan that will shape how and when city regions and ultimately the UK leaves lockdown with three main aims central to it:
  • Testing people to uncover the virus
  • Tracking where the virus is spreading
  • Tracing people who may be infected
  • The resource required in Wigan has been modelled on the existing data available but will need to develop along with local requirements and impacts as we move forward through the phases of Covid-19 from ‘Crisis Management of Covid-19’ to ‘Managing down infection rates and deaths of Covid-19’ and on to ‘Living With Covid-19’. The GM programme outlines five main headings for the local response, and we have adopted these to direct the work locally. (An overview of the GM test and trace system is attached).
  • Connecting to the GM contact tracing and testing architecture
  • Supporting and protecting vulnerable individuals, household and groups
  • Consequence Management – Understanding and mitigating wider community impact
  • Leading the local partnership response
  • Connecting, engaging and involving local communities


Wigan currently have a stock of PPE and there are currently no issues with our supply thanks to the Council procuring supplies, NWADAS and national supplies delivery. Now responding to requests from Primary care for emergency supplies and supported Care Commissioning Group with delivery of FFP3 masks to CHC community clients

Carers Week 2020 (8th-14th June 2020)

Next week is Carers week 2020 and Wigan Council will be running with the theme ‘Making Caring visible’.  As Im sure you can imagine, it is difficult to manage activities in our current situation. The council have been working in partnership with Carers Centre, Young carers, Crossroads, Embrace, Shevington carers group etc, along with support from our PR media and comms team to develop a plan for the week some of which will include things like, Presentations to carers from nominations received from partners. A digital campaign such as using Adshels and Supermarket screens to raise awareness of unpaid carers and help people to identify themselves as a carer. A prize competition for the design of a logo week, personal stories and activities etc to be shared via social media channels, Wellbeing packs and leaflets targeting known carers both Young carers and carers over 70. TikTok is being explored to use as a means to connect with young carers and the Chief officer of the Carers Centre will be completing a 26.2 mile bike ride to raise funds for carers centre.  You can find more information about the Carers week here: https://www.wigan.gov.uk/News/Articles/2020/May/A-thank-you-to-recognise-the-vital-role-of-carers.aspx

Thanks to Councillor Paul Collins for all the information