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Alec Jones
Alec Jones was born in Wigan and now lives in Shevington.  He spent his working life in the construction industry before retirement allowed him to concentrate on his love of painting.

His favourite subjects are landscapes, people and animals using acrylics and watercolours.  The theme running through most of his exhibition this year is ‘Remembering When’.  He has decided he would like to donate 50% of any sales revenue generated to Cancer Research

Elena Crafts
Elena’s handcrafted work is created from her home-based business called ‘LacraElegance’ which specialises in elegant ornate decorations for around the home.  Each item is unique, and hand crafted in the studio to a high standard.  She uses various materials, including paper, cardboard, glitter, foam, wood, glass and clay.  Elena also works with jute and she embellishes her creations, her inspiration stemming from nature, usually using the flower forms.  Her work sometimes involves finishing the products she creates with very fine hand painting and colourings.
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