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Chris Scaldwell

Chris Scaldwell has worked for Royal Mail as a ‘postie’ for 28 years since leaving school; he is the local postman who delivers in Shevington!! His interest in photography has developed during the past three years; he hasn’t attended any photography courses and has picked it up for himself, learning from experience as he goes along. He covers a wide range of subject matter, usually taking inspiration from what he sees on his postal round and local wildlife. He tries to take pictures to show the subject matter through his own eyes – the way he sees it, sometimes using unusual angles.

Chris regularly has his pictures published in the Wigan Observer. Some of his work is displayed at Wigan and Leigh hospice.  Fifty percent of the proceeds made from any sales of his work will be donated to a local charity in recognition of the fantastic job they do.

Frank Orrell Frank Orrell is a retired press photographer,
having worked for 42 years from 1967 – 2009 for local Wigan papers, these were; The Post and Chronicle, The Wigan Observer, The Reporter Group and the Rugby Leaguer Paper.
In his time in the job he took many thousands of pictures and
decided, on retirement, to produce a series of books covering
events around Wigan and district. The pictures on display in
this exhibition are just a few of the ones published in his books.  He decided to just produce black and white prints for this
exhibition, though obviously from the 1990’s onwards colour
pictures became more common in the local papers. 
Frank has included some older pictures of Shevington which he obtained from elsewhere and has permission to use. All nine of Frank’s books are on sale in the library and can been seen on
display here.  

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