Webinar – ‘Fairer and Secure Future’


We are holding a live webinar on Thursday 9th July, hosted by Wigan Borough Community Partnership

Guest Speakers

David Molyneux – Leader of Wigan Council,

Chief Executive, Alison Mckenzie-Folan.

Wigan Council have announced plans for a ‘Fairer and Secure Future’ in their recovery framework  ‘Fairer and Secure Future’

Now is your chance to ask any questions that you have on how this could affect VCSE organisations like yours working in the community.

Please include any questions when completing your booking and we will try and get as many answered as possible.

Email your question to us before 1pm on Monday 6th July [email protected]

Places are limited so book early!

Please follow the Eventbrite link below


For more information or resources please visit our website and become a member www.wbcommunitypartnership.org