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This year Wellfest will launch on Tuesday 3rd July and end on the weekend commencing 14th July

Wellfest aims to inspire, encourage and engage our local residents in health and well-being activities through an exciting and innovative Borough-wide programme of events. This year Wellfest will also support and link to our local cultural offer to help inspire and engage our residents in a wider variety of regular opportunities which could benefit their wellbeing.

The great thing about Wellfest is that anyone can be involved as there’s a range of activities and opportunities to suit. Also, if your Group supports health and wellbeing and wants to be part of Wellfest, either by hosting their own event, providing taster sessions to encourage new members or promoting an existing activity you can do this via Community Book by tagging ‘Wellfest’ as an area of interest. Visit www.Wellfest.org which is hosted on Community Book for further information.

If you have any queries contact 01942 404241 or [email protected]