What is a Hate Crime?

Hate Crime
Hate Crime

A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility and prejudice towards a person’s identity or perceived identity. The following are the five nationally
monitored strands:
Disability Race Religion/Faith Sexual Orientation Transgender Identity
Anyone can be affected by hate crime. You don’t have to be a member of the group to which the hostility is targeted at. You don’t have to be gay to have had homophobic abuse shouted at you. You may not be part of a religion and still have someone target you because they think you are

Hate crimes can have a devastating impact on the victim and their loved ones. Some hate crimes start as minor incidents, which can escalate into more serious and frequent offences. Where victims suffer a series of such incidents, the cumulative effect can destroy their lives through emotional damage and long-term trauma.
People are made to feel like they don’t belong and will often change their lifestyles or
question their identities to try and avoid further incidents.
All hate crimes can be reported to the police – you can call the police on 999 if you or someone else are in immediate danger, or you can call 101 in a non-emergency. You can also anonymously report a hate crime to CrimeStoppers, visit a local police station, or report via Stop Hate UK.