Wigan Council and FCC Environment mark World Book Day

Wigan Council and FCC Environment

Wigan Council and FCC Environment mark World Book Day recycling 1 tonne of books for local community

A book initiative launched by Wigan Borough Council and FCC Environment less than a year ago has marked World Book Day by distributing 1 tonne of books to its local community – highlighting the ‘Reuse’ point of the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ message.

Unwanted books are received at Wigan Council’s three household recycling centres, operated by waste and recycling contractor FCC Environment, on a regular basis. Rather than see the books processed through recycling, Tracy Roe of FCC Environment and Louise Atherton of Wigan Council had the bright idea to ask if anyone locally could make use of them.

Wigan Council’s Louise Atherton, Contract Monitoring Officer, said: “We put our heads together to see what we could do with the books as we get loads in each month. More often than not, there is nothing wrong with them and it’s a shame to see them just recycled for their materials.

“We wanted to do something in partnership with our Wigan community. We started asking around and came across a number of local groups and events looking for books. We’re delighted that the unwanted books have found new homes across the area.”

Among those benefiting so far are schools, charities, community groups and local events including:

·       Sunshine House

·       Fur Clemt

·       Reflections Wigan

·       Eco-Schools

·        St. Philip’s C of E Primary School

·       Holy Family Catholic Primary School

·       St Mary and St John RC Primary School

·       Orrell Lamberhead Green Primary Academy

·       Chowbent Primary School

·        The Brick