Wigan GP goes digital to fight ‘Fake News’


A Wigan GP is battling the tide of online ‘fake news’ about medical conditions by going digital and posting informative and engaging videos of his own on YouTube.

Dr Derek Adu-Sarkodie created his channel ‘Adu Med’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was while he was teaching trainee GPs that he realised his patients could also benefit from his short, informative videos.

Dr Derek consults with his patients and instead of handing them a leaflet to read more information, he sends his patient a link to the appropriate video. They can then watch him online and better understand their condition.

He has made more than 80 videos over the last two years, covering a wide range of conditions including liver failure, migraine and bowel cancer.

Dr Derek has now been invited to be part of YouTube Health and has been to Google’s UK offices in London to give talks about his channel.

Recently he was also a guest at the House of Lords, as part of a select group of medical content creators.

You can watch Dr Derek’s videos on YouTube.