Wigan Libraries eMagazines

image of lots of books on shelves
image of lots of books on shelves in a library

RB Digital is a free eMagazine service available to all Wigan Libraries members.

You can read full digital copies of your favourite magazines free of charge from your computer, smartphone or tablet. There are over 95 magazines available covering everything from food and technology, to sports and art.

There are no fines and you’re able to borrow an unlimited number of magazines to keep for as long as you like.

You can become a Wigan libraries member online during the
COVID-19 lockdown;
• Visit www.wigan.gov.uk/libraries
• Fill in the ‘Apply for a library card’ form.
• You will receive an email with a temporary membership number.
• Please email [email protected] to request your permanent membership number.
• You will then be ready to join our free eMagazine service!

www.wigan.gov.uk/emagazines @WiganLibraries