Wigan tops the list of joined up health and social care

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Health & Social Care

Wigan Borough has been ranked as one of the best places in the country for health and social care joint working.

A league table, put together by the Department for Health and Social Care, ranks the performance of 150 health and wellbeing boards with Wigan ranked in the top five. The NHS social care dashboard looks at performance across emergency admissions levels for over 65s, the percentage who receive rehabilitation and delayed days in hospital.

Wigan Borough’s health and social care organisations are transforming the way they work together, through the Healthier Wigan partnership, with services integrating and staff working more closely to deliver the best care for residents.

For local people this should mean less duplication from different organisations, better care and an improved service which meets people’s long-term health needs.
Through The Deal for Health and Wellness there is a commitment across all organisations to take personalised approach to health and wellbeing – treating someone once taking into account their physical, mental and social needs.

Earlier this year Donna Hall, chief executive of Wigan Council, was appointed the Accountable Officer at Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group and a Single Commissioning Function was established meaning one single board commissions all health and social care services across the borough.