Wigan’s multi-million-pound pothole repair mission hits the road

Holden Road after repairs

Highway teams across the borough have been working hard to ensure motorists don’t hit a bump in the road on their journeys.

Before and after images illustrate the type of work that is underway in efforts to fix roads in the borough after it was revealed earlier this year that Wigan Council would spend £8.4m across two years repairing and preventing potholes.

In March, the leader of the council, Cllr David Molyneux, pledged to invest an additional £3.3m of council funding for road repairs after acknowledging the concerns local people had about the state of roads.

The first years programme of works consists of 75 carriageway resurfacing schemes with an estimated cost of  £4.4 million.

Two of the first schemes to be completed and benefit from the investment are Bolton Road in Ashton and Holden Road in Leigh.

Work was carried out over two Sundays in April to minimise disruption and saw teams resurface over 6,000m2 of carriageway.  The highways team are planning for all of the carriageway schemes to be completed before the winter period, to reduce the number of potholes.

In addition, the council will continue to maintain its 1,160km of highway network. Typically, the council will spend around £1m in carrying out 10,500 minor repairs to the boroughs carriageways and footways, each year.

Councillor Carl Sweeney, cabinet member for environment at Wigan Council, said: “We know how important the roads are to residents and we are determined to keep up good standards with our long-term maintenance and investment plan.

“Improving our roads is a priority for the council and this is why we have committed the millions of pounds needed to ensure motorists and cyclists can enjoy rides that are as smooth as possible.

“We continue to repair potholes that develop because of the wet and cold weather or normal wear and tear and it’s great to see the transformation to two of our major roads.”

If residents want to report a highway defect, such as a pothole, then this can be done on-line via  the council web site: www.wigan.gov.uk or  by the Report It app.

The full list of repair schemes and the progress on delivery can accessed by residents using the following link: