Will you get involved in the Deposit Return Scheme?

image of broken glass

We need your help to get glass included in the Deposit Return Scheme!

Broken glass in the environment poses a significant risk to the safety of animals, children and adults.

The UK government is currently planning to exclude glass from the Deposit Return Scheme on the grounds of Health & Safety, stating in their consultation response 

At Keep Britain Tidy it is our view that the safety risks posed to the general public, and to wildlife, of smashed glass bottles remaining in the environment is a far greater safety risk than that to retailers trained to handle the material.

And if consumers are able to take glass away from supermarkets then surely they are able to return it and should be incentivised to do so through a Deposit Return Scheme.

We need you to write to your MP today below to ask that they urgently reconsider that glass bottles must be included in the upcoming Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) design.