Winstanley Tennis Club Crowdfunder is now LIVE!!

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Dear Friends,    

We are excited to announce that our Crowdfunder campaign to raise funds for new LED floodlighting at Winstanley Tennis Club is now live!!  

Here is the link: Lighting up Winstanley Tennis Club – a Sports crowdfunding project in Wigan by Winstanley Tennis Club (

We really hope that you will be able to support us on this fundraising project which will significantly improve the facilities at the Club. This will not only benefit our community right now, but also create a lasting legacy for the next generation of players who we hope will play at Winstanley.   

The campaign will run for 4 weeks, and the target is £15,000. This is the final amount that we will need to complete the project, having already raised £30,000 in grants. We are also delighted to announce that our campaign is being backed by Sport England, who will pledge 40% of our target (£6,000). The Sport England pledge will arrive once we hit the 25% threshold and have a minimum of 75 unique Supporters (donators), however, we will only receive the Sport England money if we can achieve the final target, i.e. raise the other £9,000 within the 4 week campaign period.   

How you can help: 

1.      Please, please donate what you can!  We really need the support of our members and the wider community to achieve our goal. For those members who opted to pay the discounted fees for 2022, please consider donating the difference (or more!) to the Crowdfunder.   

When making any donations, please note the following:-

 a) You do not need to select one of the pre-defined amounts, but can rather enter your own donation amount by entering this in the box provided below the pre-defined options. 
 b) At the payment stage, Crowdfunder enters a pre-defined “Optional tip”. This can be removed by selecting “Other amount” and entering “0”. 
 c) Please select the “Gift Aid” option, which will allow us to maximise the value of your donation if you are a UK Taxpayer.  

2.     Please share the link to our Crowdfunder on email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platforms that you use. Please also share with any friends and family who might be willing to help us.  

3.     In addition to making regular donations, we also have a number of Rewards available, which have been kindly donated by local businesses. The purpose of the Rewards are to encourage pledges from the wider community as well as our members. We will add more Rewards as the campaign progresses. In case you know of any local businesses that could help us, please let us know or pass on the Club email to them ([email protected]). We are also selling tickets for two forthcoming club events via the Crowdfunder, the Grand National event on the 9 April and  a Quiz Night on 20 May 2022 and so it would be helpful if you could buy your tickets through the crowdfunder link as soon as possible so that Sport England will match fund the ticket price.    

This is an ambitious and exciting project for our club and the first time that we have ever attempted something like this. However, we are confident that with the support of all of our

members, their friends and the wider community that we can achieve this goal.   

Sincere thanks in advance for all your support with this campaign over the coming weeks. We will send regular progress updates and also let you know as new Rewards

become available.   

Best Wishes, 

Christine Charnock-Jones,

On behalf of the Winstanley Tennis Club Committee: