Women’s Work

What could we achieve if we put the needs and potential of women at the heart of our decision-making processes?

We’re delighted to be able to share our new report – Women’s Work – the result of 12 months joint working with the Women’s Budget Group, in partnership with Leeds City Council.

For too long we’ve been talking about gender equality as if it wasn’t relevant to the question of how we build strong local economies.

To start to address this gap, we conducted quantitative analysis on the outcomes for women in Leeds as well as focus groups and interviews with women in the city to better understand their lived experiences.

It’s sobering stuff:
Life expectancy for women is falling.
The barriers to paid work encountered by women result in nearly £100bn lost to the UK economy each year.
Women in Leeds are seven times more likely than men to be “economically inactive” due to family caregiving responsibilities and, when in work, earn an average of £10,000 less per year than men.

The paper makes recommendations for local and regional authorities on the strategic approaches needed to underpin an agenda for change and actions to deliver on these aims, as well as pointing to the significant additional powers to narrow gender inequalities that sit with national government.

This is the start of a new conversation about how we put the needs of, not just women but all marginalised communities, at the centre of economic policy.
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