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Wooden Spoon Charity
Wooden Spoon Charity

Aims/priorities: If your project shares Wooden Spoon Charity’s aim of making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people through a commitment to quality charitable work, it may be eligible for a Wooden Spoon grant. Qualifying criteria: If a project is a physical, tangible asset of a permanent nature, the following must apply:

 It must have a minimum predicted life span of five years (preferably ten), be nontransferable and of a permanent nature. Special consideration may be given to funding lifeenhancing/medical equipment if it can be shown that the useable life of such equipment is likely to be at least five years
 Grants will not be considered for salaries, administration costs, professional fees and ongoing overheads related to a capital project If a project is educational or disability sports-focused, the following must apply:
 There must be a key rugby element to engage children and young people
 It must have a clearly-defined brief detailing the project’s need and objectives;
stakeholders; description of participants (age, gender, geography); recruitment of
participants; project activity and budget; legacy planning; monitoring and evaluation and
mechanism for reporting to Wooden Spoon
 Grants will be considered for kit and equipment, salaries and administration costs
Projects must:
 Enhance and support the lives of children and young people (under the age of 25) who are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially
 Work directly with children and young people and have a positive influence on their lives as a result of the activities or service provided
Who can apply? Not for profit organisations in the UK or Ireland
Grant amount: There is neither a minimum nor maximum grant level, it is unlikely projects of a physical nature under £5,000 in value will have sufficient substance and scale to qualify under the projected life span criteria.
Application process: An application form can be downloaded from the website
Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time
Contact information: Email: [email protected]
Website address: https://woodenspoon.org.uk/our-grants/how-to-apply/