Working together to design the Fairer Health for All Tools


Working together to design the Fairer Health for All Tools

The Fairer Health for All framework sets out our collaborative approach and priority action across the city-region to reduce health inequalities. 

It provides tools and resources for how we can collaborate, share, and learn across the system, to ensure people have the best possible health and wellbeing, no matter who they are or where they live.We are working with a wide range of partners to design the Fairer Health for All tools that enable co-ordinated action and build on the shared learning and good practice across our neighbourhoods.  

The focus in 2024 for the Fairer Health for All Academy is to capture shared learning and actionable insights by understanding the ‘journeys of change’, focusing on these thematic areas:
1) How are we enabling community led health and well-being?
2) How are we strengthening our Social Model for Health?
3) How are we creating healthy and sustainable places and addressing the root causes of poor health through our roles as a system of Anchor organisations and through health in all policies?   
Quote from Paul Dennett, Chair, Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership:

“The Health and Care Intelligence Hub as well as the Fairer Health for All Academy provides the practical tools and support to promote much-needed learning across our system, including how we drive focus on prevention, provide the right support in the right setting at the right time and ensure all people hold voice and agency in decisions that affect their health and wellbeing.”  
There are many ways you can join the conversation and help us shape the Fairer Health for All tools:Register to access the Health and Care Intelligence Hub and share the registration information with colleagues using the New User Request link. 

This hub is available for public and VCSE sector partners.
Share your ideas and reflections on Fairer Health for All in action – email us ( if you are you interested in Being a Fairer Health for All Ambassador to champion the Fairer Health for All principles so we can build a network of distributed leaders.
Sharing your ideas and good practice so others can understand the ‘journey of change’ via a podcast, a blog or a seminar event.Reviewing the CPD resources on the Fairer Health for All Academy website and make suggestions about how these can be tailored and shared with your workforce.

Share your views and ideas on leadership approaches
We are currently developing a leadership approach to support Fairer Health for All.
We want to hear as many different voices as possible in as many spaces as possible (see details below for online discussion spaces.)
You can also share your broader ideas to our open crowdsourcing space on Easy Retro