You still have time to nominate a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer

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We are so excited and overwhelmed with the wonderful nominations that we have received so far, but just wanted to remind you that you still have time to get your nomination in.  Nominations close on 30th June 2024.

The Categories

This year, our Volunteer Recognition Awards 20234focuses on Neighbourhood Watch groups and Coordinators who make this a better place to live. Together. The three categories for nominations are: 

  • innovation and reach 
  • crime prevention 
  • community health and wellbeing 
  • Young volunteer of the year
  • Special recognition Award


This category celebrates the diversity of ways we work within communities and increase our reach. 

Do you know a Coordinator or Neighbourhood Watch group who have overcome challenges to grow their group? They might have thought of a unique way to connect with others or have created effective new partnerships. They might have considered an innovative way to encourage new members to join or ensure diversity and inclusion shine through. Are there neighbours that traditionally would not have joined but did because they helped them feel included? 


This category celebrates volunteers who support their neighbours to be stronger, more resilient, and safer by raising awareness of crime prevention. 

Do you know of a Coordinator or Neighbourhood Watch group who have done something different to help prevent crime? Do people feel safer from something they were involved in and want to recognise the Coordinator or group for their actions? Are there examples of how working with partners helped prevent crime? Has the Coordinator or group raised awareness of crimes in different ways to encourage the whole community to be involved? 


This category celebrates Neighbourhood Watch groups and Coordinators who have gone the extra mile to look out for the needs of their neighbours and neighbourhood. 

How do you and your neighbours feel about your area? Do you look after your local environment? Do you support each other through life’s ups and downs or those who are more vulnerable? In many towns and streets, Neighbourhood Watch helps neighbours look out for each other, look after their environment, and feel optimistic about where they live. This helps to reduce crime. Do you know of a Neighbourhood Watch group or Coordinator who encourages positive community values? Do they include people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities in activities? Do they show compassion, empathy, and kindness? Do they help local people to feel better about their area? 


This category celebrates the work that a young person in Neighbourhood Watch who have made a positive difference in their community.

This is a new category this year and it celebrates the work and difference that a young person has provided to their community.  It could be that they have led on a project, demonstrated the values of Neighbourhood Watch through their actions, made their neighbours feel better about the place that they live.  It could be raising awareness of crime and taken action to help the community to reduce the fear of or the opportunities for crime to happen.  Maybe they have represented their community or their peers in promoting and supporting Neighbourhood Watch.


This category celebrates our varied range of volunteers that deserves special recognition through their work on behalf of Neighbourhood Watch.

We are so excited to be able to celebrate not only our Coordinators, but those volunteers that work so tirelessly to support other volunteers and/or members of their community.  This could be an Association Lead, a committee member, a Multi-Scheme Administrator (MSA), a Cyberhood Watch Ambassador or someone who has done something to support the volunteers, community or partners.


If you know a Neighbourhood Watch Volunteer or Group that you would like to nominate, then please click HERE and complete the online form.  You also have the opportunity to send us a picture.

Remember the nominations close on 30th June 2024.