Young DJ’s digital parties encourage everyone to stay at home

photo of Sam

An up-and-coming DJ and youth representative has set up online digital parties to encourage everyone across Wigan Borough to stay at home.

Sam Boffey is part of Wigan Council’s Youth Cabinet and was recently elected as one of the borough’s deputy members of the UK Youth Parliament (DMYP).

The 15-year-old, from Standish, is using his weekly live sets to send a message that young people can still enjoy themselves during lockdown.

He said: “As a DMYP I felt I wanted to help others in my community and set a good example during this time.

“It can be difficult staying at home so much, but it’s really important, so I wanted to find a way for people to enjoy themselves but stay safe.”

Sam has been a DJ for the past five years, hosting events for family and friends.

He has now set up regular broadcasts on Facebook Live, with a live song request option so that viewers can get involved.

Sam added: “I decided to put my digital skills to good use. The live DJ parties are for anyone who wants to enjoy them.

“I know that a few of my watchers are key workers so I hope my broadcasts might help to entertain their children for an hour so that they can relax and do their jobs more efficiently when they go back to work.

“Hopefully by doing this I will also help anyone who just wants to relax for an hour and forget about what’s happening in the world for a moment.”

Councillor Jenny Bullen, Wigan Council’s cabinet member for children and young people, said: “I’m very proud of Sam for showing such great initiative and coming up with a way to help others in his community whilst staying safe.

“I understand that it can be difficult for everyone and especially for young people to have to stay at home and not see friends but it’s vital we do that.

“This is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself and engage with others from your own home. Well done, Sam.”

Everyone can enjoy Sam’s live DJ parties, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, and every Friday at 6pm, at