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Lockdown Restrictions to Ease from Wednesday

The government has confirmed the current Covid-19 restrictions will be eased in Wigan Borough from Wednesday. It will mean from Wednesday residents in Wigan Borough will be able to:

Socialise in groups of up to two households indoors

Stay overnight at somebody else’s home but must try to social distance

Book close contact services such as facials and brow or eyelash treatments

Visit bowling alleys, roller rinks, soft play centres and casinos

To keep infection rates down and to avoid tighter restrictions being implemented again, residents are being asked to be responsible and to continue following the national restrictions. The latest update from the government can be found here.

Evictions – Ban Extended

The ban on legal evictions has been extended for a further four weeks, the government announced on Friday. The ban was due to be lifted from today. Over the next four weeks we will be continuing with our work to support any resident who is currently at risk of eviction following the impact of Covid-19. Our ‘Don’t Wait’ campaign will launch this week, raising awareness of the different housing options available, including private renting and home ownership. The government has also given tenants greater protection from eviction over the winter by requiring landlords to provide tenants with 6 months’ notice until at least the end of March. The full announcement is here.

Back to School

To prepare pupils returning to school next week, we’ve scheduled messages all week on our social media channels and will be hosting a live Facebook Q&A with Professor Kate Ardern on Thursday evening. The Prime Minister made a statement last night directly appealing to parents to send their children to school when they reopen next week. You can read it in full here.

The government also released new guidance for parents and carers of children attending after-school clubs, community activities and other out of school settings which is online here.

Phishing & Smishing Scams

As I have reported previously Scammers are out in force and seem to be exploiting the COVID pandemic and lockdows to steal money from people by pretending to be someone else or posing as reps from various organisations etc.  I have explained Phishing previously where scammers attempt to get you to click links in email messages to trick you into providing personal security details such as passwords etc which they can use to steal money from you or steal your identity etc. There has been an increase in doings this via text messaging which some are referring to as Smishing. Which is the same thing but the send you a text message and attempt to trick you into clicking links or making calls to scammers etc.  Please be vigilant and keep a look out for these.  I personally try to avoid reacting to any emails or texts etc to go to websites and will instead go to the actual websites myself to log in and not via a link from a message but the scammers are very clever and can be convincing so please be extra vigilant.  I found a website which explains more about Phishing here fyi