Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) – Psychological Therapies Fund

News/Updates:Funding to reduce the likelihood of children becoming involved in crimes.

A £3.5 million fund has been launched to evaluate the effectiveness of psychological therapies delivered to children across England and Wales, who are at risk of becoming involved in crime and violence or those already involved in the youth justice system.
Who can apply?We’re looking to fund projects that aim to treat psychological and emotional problems for children and young people at an individual level through one-to-one, group, online or phone delivery.
The intervention must include psychological therapy as a core component being received by all participants and must be delivered or supervised by a clinically qualified practitioner.
For this round, we’re open to partnership bids and organisations that bring together large numbers of delivery organisations to reach the scale we specify in this application guidance.
Grant amount:At this point, we want to know how much you think you’ll spend at a high level, by year, to deliver your project as planned (including project costs, overhead costs, staff costs and equipment costs).
Deadline:5pm Friday 24th May 2024.
Website:Psychological Therapies | Youth Endowment Fund